How To Dramatically Reduce Workplace Accidents

We know that your employees are your greatest asset. Your safety record and employee loyalty may attest to that. Here at iSB Group, we help take your employee safety program to a new level. Working with our manufacturing partner, MTS – More Than Safety, we are proud to offer the highest quality, state-of-the-art safety footwear for all industries.

Industrial accidents are expensive. Lost productivity, potential loss of a member of staff (hopefully, a temporary loss), HSE investigations and potential fines. One of the highest hidden costs is the impact it has on your other employees.

A significant contributor to workplace accidents statistics are foot injures.  High-quality footwear that protects the foot from crushing and twisting injuries will help protect your valuable workers and keep your company running smoothly.

MTS takes footwear concepts and innovations through a stringent design process, utilising the latest science and technology, and highest quality materials, to produce a product that is genuinely unique in its environment. The combination of shock absorbing and slip resistant soles and the proprietary TPU Ankle Anti-Twist System helps ensure that your employees can stay on their feet in any situation. The composite mid soles ensure the wearers feet aren’t punctured on construction sites and other industrial settings.

As well as these innovative safety features, MTS have a clear focus on comfort.  It has been proven many times that an enhanced wearer experience increases compliance.

You count on your employees and they count on you. You can count on iSB Safety Footwear to help you keep your employees safe, healthy and productive. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact us or give us a call on 0121 749 4433.

We are here to raise the bar for your company and your workforce.