Choosing PPE for Your Workforce: A Quick Checklist

The importance of safety standards in the workplace cannot be overstated. Your workforce is one of your most important assets and requires high quality certified personal protection equipment to keep them safe and productive. The hidden costs associated with injuries occurred on the job is staggering. iSB Group strives to help you mitigate such costs with the following advice for choosing the right equipment for your workforce in any working environment.

Only Purchase Certified Products

Perhaps the most paramount decision in choosing PPE for your workforce is ensuring it is of the highest quality by purchasing certified products that comply with the very latest government issued guidelines. All our products are fully certified and not only conform to appropriate standards, but also meet the demands of the Health and Safety at Work Act.


Pay Special Attention to Equipment Specifications

Safety equipment lacking the appropriate specifications is dangerous. PPE that is the wrong size, material or strength, fits poorly or is inappropriate to the type of job being performed can lead to injury or even death in the event of an accident. Be sure to allot time daily for your workers to carefully check their gear over to ensure it has the correct specs, fits properly and is relevant to their particular task.


Replace PPE that is Past its Lifespan

Equally as dangerous as using the wrong PPE, worn out or broken gear can also be life-threatening. Though we aim to provide your workforce with the best safety equipment possible, unfortunately nothing lasts forever. Employees must inspect their PPE frequently for signs of wear and tear. Promptly replace any gear that is past its lifespan.


Ask an Expert

You can’t possibly do everything. Not only do you not have the time, but in some areas you may lack the experience or the knowledge to make the best decision possible to protect your workforce. Our expert team at iSB is passionate about safety, productivity and the general well-being of your employees. We’re available anytime to address your questions and concerns, or even to provide an on-site demonstration of our quality PPE. Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our Midlands office for more information on our high quality products and services.